6 Tips for Being a More Eco Friendly Tourist


Inspired by the post from the Adventure Sports Network, linked below

1. Think about your transport

How you get from A-B can have a big impact on your environmental footprint. In Mongolia travellers automatically think a private car is the best choice for getting around. But there are alternatives. For short adventures in and around Ulaanbaatar and the National Parks, try public transport. For hiking, catch a bus to Bogd Khan Mountain, or Sky Resort, and in summer buses run to Terelj National Park. 

You can always hire a bike!

2. Think local

The saying “Adventures start in your own backyard” is still as true as ever. Have a holiday coming up? Why spend half your holiday in airports when you can have an adventure in the mountains surrounding Ulaanbaatar. There is plenty to do from hiking, to kayaking. In winter you can ski, dog sled and horse trek. There are plenty of unexplored nooks and crannies not far from Ulaanbaatar. If you’re coming from Hong Kong or Seoul, you can experience wilderness less than 1 hours drive from Mongolia’s International Airport. 

3. Buy local