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Yaks grazing on the steppe at dusk

Our “Snug” Mongolia tours are what we do best, tailor-made to fit you perfectly. Whoever you are; group, couple, or individual, we will design your dream trip.

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Mongolia Tours with added luxury

Have a look at our favourite tours to get some inspiration, and contact us with your own dreams and plans. Leave the rest to us! We’ll design an authentic experience filled will rolling steppes, galloping horses and authentic connections. Summer, autumn, winter or spring: plan your adventure with us. 

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Explore by Destination

kayak tour Mongolia

Terelj National Park and Khan Khentii

For excursions on the doorstep of Ulaanbaatar, Terelj National Park offers rivers, mountains, forest and steppe filled with the potential for adventure. Horse trekking, hiking, kayaking, dog sledding in a stunning location. 

Central Mongolia and Khangai Regions

From the forests and rocky outcrops of Terelj National Park, to the rolling steppes and mountain ranges of the Arkhangai region, to desert and lakes, this area has a bit of everything to wow your senses. 

Gobi Desert Tours Mongolia

Gobi Desert

Discover the singing sand dunes, dinosaur fossils and hidden green valleys deep in the desert. The Gobi is one of Mongolia’s most popular and interesting regions. 

Hovsgol Lake Tours Mongolia

Hovsgol Lake and Northern Mongolia

Known as the Pearl of Mongolia, Hovsgol Lake is a crisp and beautiful fresh water lake surrounded by mountains and forest. The ideal location for relaxing or horse trekking.

Western Mongolia and Eagle Hunting Tours Mongolia

Western Mongolia and the Altai Mountains

For the truly intrepid explorers, Western Mongolia is the wild frontier where eagle hunters reign and the Altai Mountains dominate the landscape. For mountain climbing, wilderness exploring and visiting the Eagle Hunters, this is the place to visit.  

Explore by Season

Spring Tours Mongolia


From mid March to June the temperatures start to warm up and there is a buzz in the air. Nomadic families are busy and the herders are more lively. Now is the time to visit for homestays and discovering about the Mongolian nomadic lifestyle. 

Summer Tours Mongolia


Mid June to mid September are the prime months for travelling in Mongolia. This is the best time to see the Gobi Desert and Hovsgol Lake and to try kayaking and horse trekking.

Autumn Fall Tours Mongolia


Mid September to mid October are the best months to visit Western Mongolia as this is the start of the Eagle Hunting Season. Terelj is also beautiful at this time of year, with the forests changing from green to gold. 

Winter tours Mongolia


Don’t let the cold deter you; winter is a great time to have an adventure. From horse trekking to dog sledding there is plenty to do, followed by a night in a cozy ger and a glass of mulled wine. Perfection!