Tsaatan Dental Project

For the second year running, we contributed to sending a team of dentists to the remote Reindeer Herder and nomadic Communities in the Northern most region of Mongolia. We provided assistance with logistics, communications and transportation for the mobile dental units.

This year, the project was an outstanding success, treating 349 members of the community who would otherwise have had no realistic access to much needed dental treatment.

The reindeer herders and Mongolian communities in the Taiga and Tsagaanuur area of Hovsgol Soum live in one of the most remote places in Mongolia. During summer, their settlements are almost impossible to reach, and horses or reindeer are used to travel in and out of the region. In winter, the area becomes more accessible, as rivers, bogs and lakes freeze over in temperature of -30 degrees Celcius. The team of local dentists from Ulaanbaatar and International dentists from Switzerland braved these extreme temperatures and an overland journey of over 1000km to provide education, treatment and hope. 

You can read more about the project here.